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Help and Information

This page aims to provide a variety of links to sources of Help and Information for suppliers who would like to do business with the TPC and the wider public sector in Scotland.
As General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect across Europe on 25th may 2018, we wanted to provide our Suppliers with information on the steps that Tayside Procurement Consortium has taken to ensure it complies with GDPR:
  • Implementation of appropriate technical and organisational measures to safeguard personal data in accordance with GDPR;
  • A Training Module has been devised and all levels of employees within Tayside Procurement Consortium have completed this training;
  • Reviewed our document retention policy and cascaded it to all employees within Tayside Procurement Consortium;
  • Updated all Conditions of Contract to include GDPR;
  • Analysed the data we process throughout Tayside Procurement Consortium and, where required to do so, carried out data protection impact assessments;
  • Where we have access to any personal data relating to Suppliers or their employees, we will process it only for the purposes intended;
  • Where we are contact to provide information (such as Freedom of Information) we will continue to be under an obligation to comply with our obligations and to comply with all current applicable laws, including GDPR.
Tayside Procurement Consortium is committed to the protection of its Suppliers information and personal data.  If you have any questions you would like to raise regarding GDPR, please do not hesitate to contact us direct,
THE SUPPLIER JOURNEY; The Scottish Government has published a guide called the Supplier Journey which aims to support and guide business through a typical public sector procurement process.


THE SUPPLIER DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME (SDP); SDP is a partnershop of Local Authorities and Scot Gove (third sector) working together to bring business support in all aspects of tendering to suppliers in Scotland.


PUBLIC CONTRACTS SCOTLAND (PCS); PCS is where TPC advertises its contract opportunities. PCS is the advertising portal used by the Public Sector in Scotland.


BUSINESS GATEWAY - provides practical help, advice and support for new and growing businesses in Scotland.


SINGLE POINT OF ENQUIRY (SPOE); The Scottish Government have set up an independant, impartial and confidential service for suppliers to the public sector in Scotland, offering advice and information on how public contracts are advertised and awarded. While the service does not have formal powers to inevstigate concerns or change decisions made by buying organisations, it can informally work with you and the buying organisations to try to resolve any concerns you may have about a specific tender exercise.


SUPPLIERS CHARTER; The Suppliers' Charter is a joint statement between public sector buying organisations and Scottish businesses to agree to work together to improve public sector procurement processes and dialogue.