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How will the TPC affect small and, or local suppliers?

How will the TPC affect small and or, local suppliers?


Small and, or local suppliers are important to the TPC. TPC's stated aim is to ensure that, wherever possible and, consistent with the need to secure value for money, suitably qualified Small or Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have the opportunity to compete for business. A widely accepted definition of SME is a business that has less than 250 employees.


The barriers to business that SMEs often tell us that they face, and ways in which SMEs can be supported to bid for public sector business are matters that the TPC approah seeks to address. In this way TPC seeks to ensure that SMEs are not unfairly disadvantaged by the public sector procurement process.


The issue of quotas for local business and or SMEs, i.e. ensuring that SMEs are awarded an agreed percentage of all public sector contracts, is raised with TPC from time to time, but whilst TPC fully supports the inclusion of local business and or SMEs in competitive tendering exercises, quotas cannot be supported as they may act against the Public Contracts Scotland Regulations that legally govern the public procurement process in Scotland.


For the avoidance of doubt, TPC fully endorse the Scottish Government Procurement Policy that states - "It is Government policy to take steps to remove barriers to participation by SMEs. There are many ways in which this can be done, such as improving access to procurement opportunities and information, which do not discriminate against larger firms and which help to improve VFM by increasing competition."


Given the nature and often comparatively large size of public sector contracts there will be inevitably be circumstances when SMEs will have the best opportunities to tender for contracts as part of a consortium, as opposed to as a main contractor.


The TPC will work in partnership with colleagues in the Councils' Economic Development teams to deliver on the initiatives aimed to support and stimulate growth within the local Tayside economy.


TPC will actively pursue activities relating to:

  • make the tendering process more efficient and cost efficient
  • raise awareness of contract opportunities and explaining the proposed commercial approach
  • delivering on the commitment outlined in the Scottish Government's Suppliers charter
  • actively engaging with the local Chambers of Commerce and the Federation of Small Businesses to progress our support of the local business community in Tayside