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Business Specific Queries

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All TPC contract opportunities are advertised on Public Contracts Scotland, and TPC recommends that all suppliers interested in doing business with TPC and the wider public sector in Scotland, registers on this site.

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The TPC does not propose to maintain a list of ‘approved’ contractors and suppliers.

In order to ensure fair competition, services and supplies are currently advertised in the appropriate forum - i.e. OJEU, Public Contracts Scotland, local or national newspapers and within some authority web pages.

Contractors and suppliers are requested to submit an expression of interest in response to tenders as and when they are advertised.

These expressions can only be accepted when received electronically or in hard copy format, and MUST include all information requested within the advert.

Verbal expressions of interest will not be accepted.

Show or Hide answerHow can businesses improve their chances?

There are a number of ways in which you can improve your chances of being successful. 

Be prepared for tenders as they are due to for release, i.e. keep an eye on the contracts opportunity page and note the contract expiry date of any contracts your company may be interested in. 

When expressing an interest or completing a tender pack, ensure you follow the instructions issued, answering all questions and returning all documents/evidence requested and making sure this is provided in the format required.   

  • Do not answer the questions by sending in company annual reports/brochures that require the evaluation team to search for the information required. 
  • Be honest and open, if you are unable to answer a question give the reason why.

Failure to follow the above two bullet points can severely restrict your chances, and may even result in your application being dismissed.

Show or Hide answerHow will the TPC affect small and, or local suppliers?

How will the TPC affect small and or, local suppliers?


Small and, or local suppliers are important to the TPC. TPC's stated aim is to ensure that, wherever possible and, consistent with the need to secure value for money, suitably qualified Small or Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have the opportunity to compete for business. A widely accepted definition of SME is a business that has less than 250 employees.


The barriers to business that SMEs often tell us that they face, and ways in which SMEs can be supported to bid for public sector business are matters that the TPC approah seeks to address. In this way TPC seeks to ensure that SMEs are not unfairly disadvantaged by the public sector procurement process.


The issue of quotas for local business and or SMEs, i.e. ensuring that SMEs are awarded an agreed percentage of all public sector contracts, is raised with TPC from time to time, but whilst TPC fully supports the inclusion of local business and or SMEs in competitive tendering exercises, quotas cannot be supported as they may act against the Public Contracts Scotland Regulations that legally govern the public procurement process in Scotland.


For the avoidance of doubt, TPC fully endorse the Scottish Government Procurement Policy that states - "It is Government policy to take steps to remove barriers to participation by SMEs. There are many ways in which this can be done, such as improving access to procurement opportunities and information, which do not discriminate against larger firms and which help to improve VFM by increasing competition."


Given the nature and often comparatively large size of public sector contracts there will be inevitably be circumstances when SMEs will have the best opportunities to tender for contracts as part of a consortium, as opposed to as a main contractor.


The TPC will work in partnership with colleagues in the Councils' Economic Development teams to deliver on the initiatives aimed to support and stimulate growth within the local Tayside economy.


TPC will actively pursue activities relating to:

  • make the tendering process more efficient and cost efficient
  • raise awareness of contract opportunities and explaining the proposed commercial approach
  • delivering on the commitment outlined in the Scottish Government's Suppliers charter
  • actively engaging with the local Chambers of Commerce and the Federation of Small Businesses to progress our support of the local business community in Tayside
Show or Hide answerWhat about approved and select lists?

TPC does not use approved or select supplier lists. TPC either uses existing fully compliant procurement routes to market - such as, for example Scottish Government National Frameworks (which have been compliantly established for use by public sector bodies) or by subjecting each requirement to a local TPC procurement.

Show or Hide answerWhat is your policy on insurance requirements?

Generally insurance requirements are stated within tender/contract documents, however as a minimum most contracts will require the contractor to be covered by an Employers and Public Liabilities Insurance to the value of £5 million.

Show or Hide answerWhat is your policy on health & safety requirements?

TPC is committed to ensuring the health and safety of its residents, visitors, employees and users of all the facilities and services within the authorities 

As part of this on going commitment we continually assess and monitor the way in which contractors and suppliers provide their services to TPC, whilst also reviewing the way in which we carry out such assessments. 

Should you have any further queries relating to H&S, please email the Procurement team who will assist with your query.

Show or Hide answerWhat is your policy on equality and diversity in procurement?

The TPC is committed to an Equalities and Diversity Policy covering Race, Disability and Sexual orientation. 

An important part of this commitment is encouraging and, where possible, requiring companies and other organisations which bid for Council services to practise equalities and diversity in employment and service delivery. 

The TPC will take into account within its tender evaluation and contracting processes, a potential contractor's approach to equalities in terms of its employment practices and service delivery, which will also be monitored and managed during the life of each contract

Show or Hide answerWhat is your policy on contractors and the environment?

TPC will endeavour to put into practise the principles of a sustainable procurement.

Show or Hide answerHow do I return tender documents?

Full details on how to return your tender will be included with the tender documents issued and these must be followed to the letter to avoid disqualification

Show or Hide answerWhat are your terms for payment?

Where TPC enters into a formal contract the terms and conditions are stated within the tender documents and/or negotiated with the successful tenderer.

These terms of payment will generally be based on our standard terms for purchase orders, which are, that payment will be despatched 30 days from receipt of an acceptable invoice for goods or services performed.   

These pages have been designed to provide our business partners and other interested parties with information and advice on our procurement process.