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Associate Bodies

Guidance on how Associate Bodies and other organisations can access public sector contracts

A Buyers Guide for Voluntary/Charitable/Social Welfare Bodies


The Tayside Procurement Consortium (TPC) is the name given to the central procurement team created by Angus, Dundee City and Perth and Kinross Councils, in association with Tayside Contracts. 

As part of our collaborative procurement initiative we are committed to working to assist interested external bodies engage with and utilise national contracts that may allow them to realise improved purchasing efficiency.

Procurement Scotland is the Scottish Governments national centre of procurement expertise and works on behalf of the whole of the public sector in Scotland.

Scotland Excel is the Scottish local governments' centre of procurement expertise.

Both have contracts in place on a national and sectoral scale that are achieving large savings for the councils. Within this brief guide will be information on who can join, details of joining requirements, any direct financial cost and a list of the available contracts that are already in place to assist your decision making.

Scotland Excel

Scotland Excel is now processing applications for Associate Membership although new applicants will only be able to access contracts that have been put in place after they have joined.

Potential new members should contact the Business Relationship team at Scotland Excel | Tel: 0845 606 8726 | Email:

Joining requirements are;

Eligibility to join Scotland Excel as an Associate member is governed by the local government in Scotland Act 2003.

The permitted categories of organisations that are eligible to apply for membership are:-

  • A public authority or body
  • A body who not being a public body, engages in activities of a public nature
  • Any other body, as prescribed by the Scottish Ministers

Joining documentation required is;

•           Constitution, Trust Deed or Articles and Memorandum of Association

•           Audited Annual Accounts/Budget Estimates

•           Contract spend information that you have, so we can identify the Scotland Excel contracts that will be of particular interest to your organisation

•           An indication of the amount of employees you have

•           The address details of all your locations our suppliers would be expected to deliver to

Once the application is received, Scotland Excel processes it and presents the application to its Chief Executive Officers Management Group for final sign off.

Direct Financial Costs are;

In terms of the costs for Associate membership, Scotland Excel asses this on an individual applicant basis using the following matrix

a.       Administration Fee a set £150

b.      Number of Employees

c.       Number of delivery locations

Only when the applicant provides Scotland Excel with the information from b and c are we able to calculate the final cost of membership.

If you require more information please contact the Scotland Excel HelpLine on 0845 606 8726, or e-mail at

Procurement Scotland

1) Framework Agreements established by Procurement Scotland are available for use by:

  • any association of or bodies formed by
  • and financed wholly or mainly by
  • and subject to management supervision; more than half of the board of directors or members of which, or, in the case of a group of individuals, more than half of those individuals, being appointed by

one or more of the Scottish Public Bodies covered by the list below.

2) The framework agreements are also available to charities entered on the Scottish Charity Register and voluntary organisations entered on the Membership Database of the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations.

Scottish Public Bodies

Scottish Ministers (including Agencies),

Scottish Non-Departmental Public Bodies,

offices in the Scottish Administration which are not ministerial offices,

cross-border public authorities within the meaning of section 88(5) of the Scotland Act 1998,

the Scotland Office,

the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body,

councils constituted under section 2 of the Local Government etc. (Scotland) Act 1994,

Scottish fire & rescue authorities,

Scottish joint fire and rescue boards,

Scottish police authorities,

Scottish joint police boards,

Scottish National Park authorities,

bodies registered as social landlords under the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001,

Scottish health boards or special health boards,

Student Loans Company Limited,

further or higher education institutions being fundable bodies within the meaning of section 6 of the Further and Higher Education (Scotland) Act 2005,

any public body established by or under the Scotland Act 1998 or any Act of the Scottish Parliament.

Bodies intending to access the framework contracts must be enrolled with their respective register. Charities must be listed on the Office of the Scottish Charity Register,, Voluntary Organisations have to be listed in the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations database,, and Registered
Social Landlords with The Public Register of Social Landlords

Associate members, if covered by any of the categories stated above in blue, are typically entitled to use current framework agreements subject to the specific Terms and Conditions of the individual agreement. Please note that access to other contractual arrangements established by Procurement Scotland are unlikely to be available to associate members unless their requirements were included when the original framework agreement was established and subsequent call-off contract awarded e.g. as part of a Buying Solutions Framework Agreement.

From a legal perspective, the responsibility lies with the buying organisation to ensure they have rights to access to the agreement.

Documentation required is;

In terms of access there are two routes available. Many of the organisations will be Scotland Excel associates, and for them, they can access via normal Scotland Excel routes. For others, Procurement Scotland can provide login information to their Sharepoint site, where all required documentation is kept. Apply via or 0131 244 0865.

Direct Financial Costs are;


Nb - there may be specific actions that the organisation may have to complete - e.g. participation agreements, agency agreements etc - therefore incurring admin costs in order to enter into legal agreements.

In the contents section below National Category A Contracts are contracts that have been put in place by Procurement Scotland, and all the others are classed as Category B Contracts and have been implemented through Scotland Excel.


The Supplier Development Programme

The Supplier Development Programme aims to assist businesses improve their performance in winning contracts with Scottish Public Sector Organisations.  They offer information, support, news, events and workshops covering procurement issues and unravel the tendering process.  Registration for Tayside companies is free.