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Information on Tayside Procurement Consortium

The TPC (Tayside Procurement Consortium) was created as the result of an efficient government initiative launched in 2007 to develop collaborative procurement across the Tayside Councils.
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Head of Procurement TPC, Allan Harrow said: "Through collaborating to buy goods, works and services, the Tayside Councils have identified that they can achieve better value for money and deliver better outcomes for local communities in Tayside. The Councils' combined expenditure on goods and services in Tayside is in excess of £250 million each year and through collaboration they are able to bring economies of scale and reduce costs".


Collaborative procurement delivers efficiency for the Councils, with the 3 Councils formally reporting in excess of £16.5 million in procurement savings since the launch of TPC in 2008.


The TPC is also encouraging suppliers to work better with local government and aims to foster good relations between public sector buyers and local and national suppliers of all sizes. TPC is particularly keen to make sure that small local suppliers are treated fairly as they remain vitally important to all three Tayside councils. TPC engage with suppliers to talk to them about the procurement process to ensure that they have the opportunity to compete for business.


The TPC are a small management team, based in the Tayside Procurement office on the Clepington Road in Dundee. Our team manage a portfolio of collaborative contracts covering a varied range of goods, works and services. Areas of collaborative procurement that we are involved in include; Stationery, Food, Janitorial Supplies, Print Services, Vehicles, IT Services, IT Equipment, Building Materials, Building Maintenance Services, Grounds Maintenance Equipment, Roads Maintenance Services, Furniture, Removals, Catering Equipment, and Cleaning supplies.